Russian documents

Below you will see thumbernails to various Russian photo's and documents like identification-books.
These stories are made with the original documents that are in my collection and via research on the
internet and in books. In each thumbernail is a short discripion (name, unit, time-frame, etc.) and a
small photo. Click on a small photo to open that specific photo/document page.

The medals displayed below are the medals won by the soldier during the war.
Not displayed are the Commemorative- and Jubileemedals given after the war.

  Name   Grigory Tikhonovich Pavlov  
  Birthday   00-00-1918
  Function   Signalman and scout
  Last rank   Guards Sergeant
  Unit   76.GRR, 23.recon-company (27.GD)
  Service time   1941-1942 and 1944-1945
  Status   Survived

  Name   Aleksandr Denisovich Lipovsky  
  Birthday   00-00-1921
  Function   Mortar gunner
  Last rank   Junior Sergeant
  Unit   381th Rifle-Regiment (109th RD)
  Service time   1940-1945
  Status   Survived

  Name   Genady Nikodimovich Lyshinsky  
  Birthday   00-00-1923
  Function   Unknown
  Last rank   Private
  Unit   233 AZS, 171 Labour-Btl. (57th Army)
  Service time   1942-1948
  Status   Survived

  Name   Dmitry Nikolaevich Kovrizhenko  
  Birthday   21-10-1918
  Function   Rifleman/Signalman
  Last rank   Private
  Unit   444.ASB, 48RR 54yp, 659RR, 313GRR
  Service time   1939-1942 and 1943-1945
  Status   MIA in 1942, later survived

  Name   Stepan Pavlovich Gorlach  
  Birthday   ??-??-19??
  Function   Gun commander
  Last rank   Guards Sergeant
  Unit   73th Anti-Aircraft-Artillery-Regiment
  Service time   ????
  Status   Survived